lactoscan in small farms

LACTOSCAN SCC compact is specially designed for the needs of the farmers. The counter offers fast and easy monitoring of the mastitis on farm. It is the best tool for veterinarians to detect mastitis at early sub-clinical stage in the dairy herd. Though, it is scientifically proven that mastitis develop for 24 hours, the regular testing of the animals and the on time detection of mastitis using LACTOSCAN SCC allow easy treatment of the disease and have a lot of money for medicine.

The last version of the somatic cell counter's mechanic is not affected by transportation and vibrations as it uses precise ball screw pairs. The air filters protect the counter from dust environment in the dairy farm. The autofocus is innovative and is without moving precise parts. It uses unique liquid lens which also are not affected from vibrations and cannot be worn out. LACTOSCAN SCC has embedded fully functional mini PC with touch screen display. It can also be connected to external HD monitor for better examination of the images in details by veterinarians. This way, the vets can determine if mastitis is bacterial caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria, yeast or mycoplasma mastitis. The visual control of the test results is the best way for determining the type of mastitis, to indicate what confirmation test must be done and the right treatment to be selected.

The software is easily upgraded via Internet send program for remote control. Also, there is a possibility for a remote servicing of the counter through the same program. The software can generate different reports which can be used for long term monitoring of the somatic cells during the lactation. The software has data collecting system in which a long term graphic of the levels of somatic cells for a single animal can be created. The graphic can give farmers information about the change of the somatic cells during the lactation period of a single cow.

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