Comparison of somatic cell images obtained by Lactoscan somatic cells counter and referent microscopic method is made. Lactoscan counter used stained cell nuclear material with fluorescent dye and liquid sample in single-used or reusable microfluidic chamber. The microscopic method used methylene blue for nuclear material of the somatic cells and dry sample on a slide. The images evidently show that the results from the liquid sample stained with fluorescent dye are analogous to the results from the microscopic method with dry sample stained with methylene blue.

It is obvious that absolutely all cases, detailed described in Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count Guidelines, can be distinguished in a liquid milk sample. Furthermore, there is evidence that in the liquid sample image, the recognition of the individual forms of the somatic cell is more unambiguously and more recognizable, due to the background absence. Whereas the image of a dry sample on a slide, has noticeable interference from the background due to dried aggregated ingredients of the milk (proteins, fats) stained by the unwashed methylene blue dye.

 Lactoscan SCC automated microscope based on image cytometry vs Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count

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