EASYCOUNTER BC Yeast cell counter is based on fluorescent image cytometry for counting cells. The instrument counts individual white blood cells in suspension by detecting the fluorescence signals of stained DNA in the cell nuclei. Viability is defined as a percentage of live cells in a whole population without Lysing Red Blood Cells. The analysis for assessing cell viability provides information only on alive and dead cells in the whole population, but do not provide information about the number of vitality cells. Vitality is defined as the physiological capabilities of cells. It is important to note that cell viability and cell vitality represent two different aspects of cell functions, and both are required for the estimation of the physiological state of a cell after exposure to various types of stressors and chemical or physical factors.

Determining the number of white blood cells in capillary or venous blood is an important indicator for the treatment of patients. White blood cells (WBCs) play an important role in the body's ability to protect against infection. Number of WBC is the number of WBCs in a given volume of blood. The number of white blood cells (WBC) is one of the most commonly ordered clinical trials in hospitals. The number of WBC is used to diagnose inflammation, various allergies, leukemia, infections (virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc.), immunodeficiency, etc. In addition, the WBC count is used to reflect the body's ability to fight the disease, to track the effect of drugs, for example, in cancer chemotherapy. The leukocyte count can be used to assess the severity of the disease and to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment regimen.

Principle of the fluorescent image cytometry
Principle of the fluorescent image cytometry

The results of the analysis must be obtained as soon as possible in order for the doctor to make a quick decision for diagnosis and treatment of the illness. Therefore, it is preferable to provide a rapid method of analysis that can be performed quickly by a physician or nurse without sending the test to a central laboratory. Determining the number of white blood cells is one of the most common tests that are performed with patients in establishing their diagnosis. Therefore, there is a great need for a quick and simple method for determining white blood cells. In addition, devices that can be easily mounted in a variety of clinical applications and even in remote field clinics are needed to provide a quick and accurate analysis.

Working principle of EASYCOUNTER BC

Unique, 3D, multi-image, patent application protected, sequential scanning process, based on a precise fluorescent optics and low magnification, images analysis software, EASYCOUNTER BC is fast, precise and reliable counter of white blood cells. Via automatic displacement of the mechanism on axles X – Y and liquid lens Z, the device is capturing maximum 60 images. After capturing, the images are being processed by the embedded software and the average result, calculated by using the formula from IDF/ISO 13366, of all the filmed images is displayed. The whole process, after placing the CELLCHIP in the cartridge, is automatic.

Principle of image capturing

Principle of image capturing

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