LACTOSCAN SCC Somatic cell counter is based on fluorescent image cytometry for counting cells in milk. It fully comply with the ISO 13366-1 IDF 148-1 Enumeration of somatic cells - Microscopic method (Reference method) with regard to the staining of cells, in the definition of cells to be counted depending on the size and the methodology of the counting. The somatic cell counter offers visual control for excluding accidental errors. The measuring range of the counter is 2 to 30 µm and the results are expressed as number of cells per mL. The results are available within 20 to 60 seconds depending on the type of analysis. There is no need of calibration, except the standard calibration of magnification done by using a graduated scale on a slide as in the microscope.

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The EASYCOUNTER YC counts individual yeast cells in suspension by detecting the fluorescence signals of stained DNA in the cell nuclei. The staining dye used is Sofia Green. The cell membrane of viable cells is virtually impermeable with regard to Sofia Green, while non-viable, dead and to a certain extent apoptotic cells, is permeable to Sofia Green. The determination of the total concentration of cells requires the membrane of viable cells to be permeable to Sofia Green. This is achieved by mixing cell suspension with Lysis reagent. After Lysis reagent treatment, approximately 8 µl of all cell stained with Sofia Green and 8 µl of the only dead cells stained with Sofia Green are loaded into the CELLCHIP. The CELLCHIP is placed in the EASYCOUNTER YC instrument where the cells are automatically counted.

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